MPR Review Of Solus Ex Inferis-Demomic Supremacy (by Joshua Kruszyna)

 I have a question for you, dear reader – what genre of music, besides metal, has songs that sound like they could be used to summon demons straight out of hell? Okay, fine, we could be getting close to a modern pop-song being bad enough to piss off Satan himself, but I think my point is sound. It’s undeniable that metal can invoke an atmosphere of pure, unbridled darkness. Today’s band, Solus Ex Inferis, thrive in that atmosphere, delivering a resounding mission statement in the form of their latest EP, “Demonic Supremacy.”

    Despite being only four tracks long, the band wastes no time diving straight into death metal insanity with the opening track, “Abaddon.” Kicking things off with frenetic drum-work and guttural chanting, this song sounds like an unholy incantation! The mix is more raw than freshly slaughtered cattle, and the impeccable lead guitar work and varied drum work contrast nicely with the droning, ominous tone. Track 2, “Baalberith,” doesn’t change up the tempo to much, but it does start with a heart-stopping, 30 second guitar solo that is relentless in its speed and ferocity. The musical energy of each member is captured brilliantly on this track, with the vocals in particular delivering unbridled rage and fury. But hot damn, the combination of tremolo picking and blast beats is tireless here. These guys are bonafide death metal virtuosos. Track 3, “Choronzon,” does little to change the status quo established by its predecessors. I’m still blown away by the musical technicality, but I do wish that Solus Ex Inferis at least changed up the tempo here and there. The final track, “Dagon,” is another death metal marvel and a fitting finale, yet cements the idea that these songs do run together a bit.

    If you like your death metal more evil than Rasputin, and prefer musicianship to varied song-writing, then “Dominic Supremacy” demands you time and attention. Be sure to check it out at

Overall Sound – 9 out of 10 (classic, no-frills death metal performed with insane skill and precision)

Overall Vocal Style – 8 out of 10 (roaring guttural vocals that are surprising in their depth)

Overall Song Composition – 7 out of 10 (ritualistic, animalistic, but at times a bit derivative)

Originality – 7 out of 10 (traditional death metal in the purist sense, with innovation being replaced with sheer technical prowess)

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  1. Thanks for the great review!, The aim of the EP was to have all the songs flow together as one long song. Our full length will be out later this year a long with a remastered version of the EP

    -Solus Ex Inferis

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